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Slug: Patricia Bradsaw.Date: 11-27-2007.Photographer: Mark Finkenstaedt .Location: The Pentagon Building.Caption: Patricia S. Bradshaw has served as the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Civilian Personnel Policy since January 2006.  In this role, she is responsible for formulating plans, policies, and programs to manage the Department of Defense (DoD) civilian workforce effectively, efficiently, and humanely.  She supports the Military Departments and Defense Agencies through policy leadership and with personnel services provided by her staff of senior advisors and the Civilian Personnel Management Service. ..© 2010 Mark Finkenstaedt. All Rights Reserved. No transfers or loans. Only for the use of --- ***---- website, public relations, and media handouts..  No Sales, resales, ransfers. No advertising or paid placement use.  For additional use such as marketing and advertising call the